Review: Pity Sex / Adventures split

by Andrew Parker

(released 10/07/14 on Run For Cover)

(released 10/07/14 on Run For Cover)

It is hard to think of two bands that complement each other better than Pity Sex and Adventures. With their proclivities toward duets and mixed vocals, and blending their styles from fuzzed-out emo pop to heavier post-hardcore, they create a uniquely enjoyable final product. Each band offers an original song and a cover, serving as a nod to their current sounds and their late eighties inspirations from the alternative and hardcore scenes.

The cover itself captures the spirit of the songs very well. The glum-yet-playfully-neon face is reminiscent of a high definition still from The Cure’s video for “Inbetween Days.”

Oh wait, this is way creepier than I remember.

Oh wait, this is way creepier than I remember.

Adventures is a band featuring a few members of hardcore outfit Code Orange, taking a much softer but no less strong approach. This was my first exposure to them, but the dudes over at Consequence of Sound have no idea what they are talking about when making comparisons (do u even American Football, bro?). They kick off the split with “Flowing Through.” It’s a jaunt in twee vocals juxtaposed with robust drumming and punchy guitar; a weirdly pleasant combination.

Pity Sex’s original song “Acid Reflex” goes into the physical maladies that manifest from trying to cope with emotional stress. It’s an upbeat tune though, with clean guitar parts laced over their signature droning hum.

Both respective covers are faithful but nicely updated. Adventures’ version of Turning Point’s “Behind This Wall” is a nice homage to hardcore influences, and is interesting to hear with female vocals. Pity Sex get their Pixiest as Britty Drake does her best Kim Deal in “Gigantic;” it is no wonder they are probably neighbors in most people’s music libraries.

This split is a strong effort from both bands, consistent with their older work and foretelling only further greatness.

Listen to the whole split below:

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