Do Yourself a Favor and Stream Copeland’s New Album


It’s been six years and one long hiatus, but Florida’s mellow maestros Copeland will be releasing their fifth LP on November 24 through Tooth & Nail Records. Few “emo revival” reunions have excited me as much as Copeland’s, and now you can stream their spectacular new record Ixora a week early via Spotify. Check it out below and pre-order on iTunes to get 3 songs before the official release. Pardon me as I listen to nothing else for weeks.

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Screaming Females set release date for ‘Rose Mountain’ LP


This is happening! The new Screaming Females record Rose Mountain will be released February 24, 2015 on Don Giovanni Records. A new track, “Ripe,” comes to us as well. This song is reminiscent of the catchy, unhinged shredding on songs like “A New Kid” from the Castle Talk period. Now excuse me while I throw myself through some drywall out of pure joy.

Listen to the new song below:

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New video for Lorde’s Hunger Games track

There’s at least one Abandon Hip writer who believes that teenage chanteuse Lorde is everything and more (hint: it’s me). Feast your eyeballs and earballs on her new video for “Yellow Flicker Beat,” an original track from the Mockingjay pt. I soundtrack that has been personally curated by Lorde herself. This body has been carefully prepared for both the film and its musical accompaniment. Check out the full tracklist and a trailer for the movie (due out November 21) below!

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MewithoutYou post LP6 teaser and we are screaming

If you’re anywhere near the astronomical levels of excitement that we feel for a new LP from mewithoutYou, see above for the best 54 seconds of your day. Mysteriously titled “Thy foes profanely rage,” this short clip features footage from the band’s recent 10 year anniversary tour for Catch for Us the Foxes (and if you look closely, you may or may not see two AH writers in one of the crowd shots…) and what would appear to be a new instrumental song clip. LP6, due out sometime in 2015, will follow 2012’s conceptual masterpiece Ten Stories.

Last One, I Promise: 10 Albums of the Year

by Andrew Parker

Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before, but it won’t do you any good. It’s out of my hands. Like a resentful young runaway to its parent, my Top 10 list has fled the nest and now ekes out a meager existence of its own in the cold, windy byways of the internet. If you cross paths with it, give it a read, and maybe some money for the bus.

(I’ve attempted to avoid redundancy with the other writers as best as possible, but a few we just unavoidably agree upon. Therefore, I give shouts to PUP, Hostage Calm (RIP), and The Menzingers for their efforts this year. Further honorable mention to Angel Du$t and 10,000 Blades, oh my god.)

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