Do Yourself a Favor and Stream Copeland’s New Album


It’s been six years and one long hiatus, but Florida’s mellow maestros Copeland will be releasing their fifth LP on November 24 through Tooth & Nail Records. Few “emo revival” reunions have excited me as much as Copeland’s, and now you can stream their spectacular new record Ixora a week early via Spotify. Check it out below and pre-order on iTunes to get 3 songs before the official release. Pardon me as I listen to nothing else for weeks.

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10/7 New Song Round-up!

*Indiana Jones whip crack sound effect* Herding and corralling some new songs from some of fall’s most anticipated releases. This week, we’ve got quite an ecclectic mix featuring Copeland, No Devotion, and XTRMST. Check it all out below!

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