Let’s Get Spooky: What to Spin for Halloween

by Andrew Parker


(illustration: Don Kenn)

So your friends blew you off for another party. You’ve already burned through your horror movie marathon list twice. You can’t tell if the costume you bought this year was the ‘Sexy’ version or the ‘Sad’ one. Oh, what to do?

If you’re going to gorge on processed sugar alone, burn some of it off by rocking out to a few of these classics on your turntable of terror. At the very least, if trick-or-treaters bother you, these records will warn the little bastards/overly enthusiastic adults they strayed onto the wrong porch.

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Review: Dads – I’ll Be The Tornado


Dads – I’ll Be The Tornado

Released October 14 on 6131 Records (buy here)

It took maybe a little too long to get this review posted, but better late than never or whatever forever. We don’t follow the rules here at Abandon Hip.

I’ll Be The Tornado is the second full-length released from Michigan punk duo Dads (they aren’t actually dads), and it’s a bit of a split from their earlier work. I’m only a recent convert to fatherhood (is that what it’s called when you’re a Dads fan?), but I think this record is a positive move for these guys. I’ve had a tough time listening to anything else but I’ll Be The Tornado since its release. There’s little regard for any genre here, and every track has its own particular vibe. Uncomplicated, heartfelt lyrics and more mature songwriting make this an overall stellar record (continued below).

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The only new music that matters this week


It’s New Music Tuesday, kids. Today we are providing you with a link to what is sure to be one of the best releases of the year. If you haven’t already (and if you haven’t, what are you even doing?) stream Pianos Become the Teeth’s new album Keep You  HERE at PitchforkKeep You will be released on October 28th on Epitaph Records and follows 2011’s The Lack Long After.

Out of ‘The Woods,’ In the Works?

The babeliest babes.

The babeliest babes.

*UPDATE: The collective speculation was right! Sleater-Kinney will have a new album called No Cities to Love, complemented by a North American/European tour.*

Folks who ordered the Start Together boxset containing the complete remastered discography of Northwest rioteers Sleater-Kinney seem to have received a little bonus.  A 7″ record simply labelled ‘1/20/15’ and bearing a new song by the group is an auspicious sign for fans who have waited nigh-on 10 years since The Woods for a new album.


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Breathing Heavy

RVIVR at Township

Guys, pre-order for RVIVR’s new EP Bicker and Breathe via Rumbletowne is now available, and the vinyl is projected to be ready by this December. This is important. I will be impatiently waiting with bated breath for the record’s arrival, heh. The fact that RVIVR has new material is beyond exciting, and from what I’ve heard from their EP so far, their familiar energy, group vocals, and genuine punk awesomeness are indisputable. RVIVR is still going strong.

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The general Descensus is that we’re ready for a new Circa Survive album


Am I the first one to make this pun? No?

ANYWAY, Circa Survive have just announced that they will be releasing their fifth LP Descensus via Sumerian Records on November 24 with a new song premiering October 27 (this is also the date pre-orders begin). Check out a clip of the song below along with a sampling of the album art. Front man Anthony Green stated that this is the first record he’s written while being completely sober. We’re ready.

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Yessssssss: Cursive to Reissue The Ugly Organ


*distant sounds of joyful wailing*

Cursive have announced that they will be re-issuing their classic (and perfect) album The Ugly Organ on 2xCD and 2xLP, originally released in 2003 by Saddle Creek Records. Now titled The Ugly Organ (Deluxe Edition) [Remastered], this reissue will include remasters of the record’s original twelve tracks plus eight other tracks originally intended for the album. Extensive liner notes loaded with exclusive photos and handwritten lyrics sheet will be included with both the CD and LP versions. I need them all now.

Pre-order here via Saddle Creek. Available November 24. Check out the re-mastered version of “Art is Hard” below and wallow in it.

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New Song Round-Up…Sort of.

Seems that there hadn’t been too much going on this week in terms of new songs from upcoming releases, but fear not, sweet summer child, because a cornucopia of new releases dropped just today. Check below for streams of Self Defense Family’s new 7″ and Dads new LP, plus a bonus track from Little Big League. Enjoy the aural pleasure.

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Review: Minus the Bear – Lost Loves

Minus The Bear – Lost Loves

Released October 7, 2014 on Dangerbird Records

By now, people know what to expect from Seattle indie rockers Minus the Bear, and it would seem as though they always deliver. The thing is, they always deliver just that: the expected. Lost Loves is a collection of various B-sides and rarities from 2007 (two years after the release of their great Menos el Oso) given a bit of a spit-shine and re-branding. Minus the Bear prove that they’re still one of the most musically and vocally talented acts out there with some killer, classic MTB-sounding tracks full of sophisticated and impeccable musicianship, but lacking any real innovation or divergence from their norm.

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