New Song Round-Up…Sort of.

Seems that there hadn’t been too much going on this week in terms of new songs from upcoming releases, but fear not, sweet summer child, because a cornucopia of new releases dropped just today. Check below for streams of Self Defense Family’s new 7″ and Dads new LP, plus a bonus track from Little Big League. Enjoy the aural pleasure.

Self Defense Family – Indoor Wind Chimes b/w Cottaging

Released October 14 on Deathwish

I was told by a certain other Abandon Hip author to describe these tracks as “dour,” so stream these two fine and dour tracks from the absurdly prolific Self Defense Family via bandcamp. I don’t know how SDF can manage to release so much quality work so often, but “Indoor Wind Chimes” and “Cottaging” are outstanding.

Dads – I’ll Be The Tornado

Released October 14 on 6131

We’ve got a review for this album in the pipes, but in the mean time stream the entirety of Dads new LP and bask in the genre-bending, heartfelt songs I’ve been enjoying immensely.

Little Big League – “Tropical Jinx” from Tropical Jinx

Released October 14 on Run for Cover

Little Big League have a new album out today, too, so here’s the title track from that album. It’s a fun little number.

Tell us what you picked up today!

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