WCW featuring Petal


Signs of life from us are rare. Consider yourself blessed, dear Reader, to be witnessing such an unpredictable phenomenon. Today I jump on the inexplicable trend of celebrating a part of the non-existent gender binary on specific days of the week by highlighting kick ass female bands.

First up in this (hopefully) continuing series is Scranton, PA’s Petal! Formed in 2012 by songwriter and lead singer Kiley Lotz, Petal features a rotating cast from bands such as Tigers Jaw, Three Man Cannon, Halfling, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, and Captain We’re Sinking. Currently signed to Run For Cover, Petal’s 2013 EP Scout (RFC store, bandcamp) features five emotionally raw and introspective tracks that echo some of modern indie’s greatest acts.

Their debut LP entitled Shame (pre-order it) is due out on 10/23 via Run For Cover and is produced by the incomparable Will Yip (mewithoutYou, Pianos Become the Teeth, etc.). Check out “Sooner” from their debut LP below. I’m fairly certain half of the play counts on this song are mine. “Sooner” shows leaps and bounds of artistic growth and is making Shame easily one of my most anticipated records of this last quarter of the year. Simple distorted guitars mixed with clean, distinct vocals and Lotz’s pleading lyrics (“Please don’t leave sooner than you have to”) promise a great record that is not to be missed.

Did you miss us?

The Long Winter is over, and we have just now begun to thaw and crawl out of our hibernation caves to bring to you new and wonderful tunes.


Firstly and most importantly, mewithoutYou’s Pale Horses was released on Tuesday via Run For Cover. It is their first release since signing to the new label, and producer/wizard Will Yip has once again used his sonic sorcery to bring to us one of the best records of the year so far (and probably for the rest of the year, if we’re being honest, which we always are). As a long time fan of the band I (and I think I speak for us all) can say that Pale Horses undoubtedly ranks among their best work. It combines all the classic elements of previous records, including a revisitation of Brother, Sister‘s “C-Minor” with “D-Minor.” It features a mix of calming melodies and powerful riffs mixed with Aaron Weiss’ versatile, moving vocals and unparalleled ability to weave words. Prepare yourself for 39 minutes of nonstop chills. If you’re able, please catch the band on their national tour with Foxing for a truly unforgettable experience (with acoridans!).

See below for some more treats released this week.

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New Music Tuesday on a Wednesday


Rejoice, for Self Love is finally upon us. Not really, but do yourself a sonic favor and head over to VICE to stream the highly-anticipated (especially by us) two-track split that features two of our very favorite bands, Touche Amore and the eternally prolific Self Defense Family, working as one spectacular, chaotic musical outfit. It’s everything one could hope a mash-up of two of Deathwish’s darlings would produce. Expect a gushing review shortly. This AND the Self Defense Family/Creative Adult split are both out March 10 on Deathwish. Order them here and here, respectively.

But wait! There’s more! Under the cut check out a new track from Westkust (members of Makthaverskan, on tour with Self Defense Family and Creative Adult right now. SDF is everywhere. Succumb.), a new LP from Lady Lamb, and a catchy new track from Death Cab for Cutie.

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So much new music on this Tuesday


AND WE’RE BACK with yet another New Music Tuesday. Today’s post is a veritable cornucopia of new LPs including Sick Feeling, Sleater-Kinney, Enter Shikari, The Decemberists, and Fall Out Boy (if you’re feeling brave), plus new tracks from our friends in Title Fight (disclaimer: we unfortunately don’t actually know Title Fight) and Drug Church. See below for a fuck-ton of embedded streams.

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New Music Tuesday is back


I realize it’s been quite a while since we’ve given a New Music Tuesday post to our legions of loyal followers (hah), but it’s a new year and we do what we want anyways. Please see below for some sonic treats including a new video from Title Fight (easily our Most Anticipated new record), a new jam from Purity Ring, and links to stream Turnstile and Sick Feeling’s new LPs.

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New Year’s sucks, but these songs don’t

ThursdaylogoWe (sort of) apologize for the lack of content here lately, but maybe you’ll forgive us after I provide you with this humble, badly writtenNew Years Eve aural offering. If you’re like me, you understand that New Year’s isn’t quite all it’s cracked up to be. Below are a handful of exceptional NYE-themed tracks sure to dampen the mood of any overly optimistic party you may attend. Please enjoy. Here’s to resolutions we won’t keep and to nothing changing.

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Tegan & Sara Collaborate with Night Terrors of 1927

Check out this new ballet-laden video featuring our favorites Tegan & Sara in collaboration with Night Terrors of 1927 (Blake Sennett of Rilo Kiley and Jarrod Gorbel of old indie favorite The Honorary Title). Night Terrors of 1927 are set to release their debut album Everything’s Coming Up Roses January 20 on Atlantic. Tegan & Sara recently announced that they will be taking time off in 2015 to write and record a new album. I think I speak for all of us here when I say “hell yeah.”

Do Yourself a Favor and Stream Copeland’s New Album


It’s been six years and one long hiatus, but Florida’s mellow maestros Copeland will be releasing their fifth LP on November 24 through Tooth & Nail Records. Few “emo revival” reunions have excited me as much as Copeland’s, and now you can stream their spectacular new record Ixora a week early via Spotify. Check it out below and pre-order on iTunes to get 3 songs before the official release. Pardon me as I listen to nothing else for weeks.

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New video for Lorde’s Hunger Games track

There’s at least one Abandon Hip writer who believes that teenage chanteuse Lorde is everything and more (hint: it’s me). Feast your eyeballs and earballs on her new video for “Yellow Flicker Beat,” an original track from the Mockingjay pt. I soundtrack that has been personally curated by Lorde herself. This body has been carefully prepared for both the film and its musical accompaniment. Check out the full tracklist and a trailer for the movie (due out November 21) below!

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MewithoutYou post LP6 teaser and we are screaming

If you’re anywhere near the astronomical levels of excitement that we feel for a new LP from mewithoutYou, see above for the best 54 seconds of your day. Mysteriously titled “Thy foes profanely rage,” this short clip features footage from the band’s recent 10 year anniversary tour for Catch for Us the Foxes (and if you look closely, you may or may not see two AH writers in one of the crowd shots…) and what would appear to be a new instrumental song clip. LP6, due out sometime in 2015, will follow 2012’s conceptual masterpiece Ten Stories.