Did you miss us?

The Long Winter is over, and we have just now begun to thaw and crawl out of our hibernation caves to bring to you new and wonderful tunes.


Firstly and most importantly, mewithoutYou’s Pale Horses was released on Tuesday via Run For Cover. It is their first release since signing to the new label, and producer/wizard Will Yip has once again used his sonic sorcery to bring to us one of the best records of the year so far (and probably for the rest of the year, if we’re being honest, which we always are). As a long time fan of the band I (and I think I speak for us all) can say that Pale Horses undoubtedly ranks among their best work. It combines all the classic elements of previous records, including a revisitation of Brother, Sister‘s “C-Minor” with “D-Minor.” It features a mix of calming melodies and powerful riffs mixed with Aaron Weiss’ versatile, moving vocals and unparalleled ability to weave words. Prepare yourself for 39 minutes of nonstop chills. If you’re able, please catch the band on their national tour with Foxing for a truly unforgettable experience (with acoridans!).

See below for some more treats released this week.

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MewithoutYou post LP6 teaser and we are screaming

If you’re anywhere near the astronomical levels of excitement that we feel for a new LP from mewithoutYou, see above for the best 54 seconds of your day. Mysteriously titled “Thy foes profanely rage,” this short clip features footage from the band’s recent 10 year anniversary tour for Catch for Us the Foxes (and if you look closely, you may or may not see two AH writers in one of the crowd shots…) and what would appear to be a new instrumental song clip. LP6, due out sometime in 2015, will follow 2012’s conceptual masterpiece Ten Stories.