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Signs of life from us are rare. Consider yourself blessed, dear Reader, to be witnessing such an unpredictable phenomenon. Today I jump on the inexplicable trend of celebrating a part of the non-existent gender binary on specific days of the week by highlighting kick ass female bands.

First up in this (hopefully) continuing series is Scranton, PA’s Petal! Formed in 2012 by songwriter and lead singer Kiley Lotz, Petal features a rotating cast from bands such as Tigers Jaw, Three Man Cannon, Halfling, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, and Captain We’re Sinking. Currently signed to Run For Cover, Petal’s 2013 EP Scout (RFC store, bandcamp) features five emotionally raw and introspective tracks that echo some of modern indie’s greatest acts.

Their debut LP entitled Shame (pre-order it) is due out on 10/23 via Run For Cover and is produced by the incomparable Will Yip (mewithoutYou, Pianos Become the Teeth, etc.). Check out “Sooner” from their debut LP below. I’m fairly certain half of the play counts on this song are mine. “Sooner” shows leaps and bounds of artistic growth and is making Shame easily one of my most anticipated records of this last quarter of the year. Simple distorted guitars mixed with clean, distinct vocals and Lotz’s pleading lyrics (“Please don’t leave sooner than you have to”) promise a great record that is not to be missed.

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The Long Winter is over, and we have just now begun to thaw and crawl out of our hibernation caves to bring to you new and wonderful tunes.


Firstly and most importantly, mewithoutYou’s Pale Horses was released on Tuesday via Run For Cover. It is their first release since signing to the new label, and producer/wizard Will Yip has once again used his sonic sorcery to bring to us one of the best records of the year so far (and probably for the rest of the year, if we’re being honest, which we always are). As a long time fan of the band I (and I think I speak for us all) can say that Pale Horses undoubtedly ranks among their best work. It combines all the classic elements of previous records, including a revisitation of Brother, Sister‘s “C-Minor” with “D-Minor.” It features a mix of calming melodies and powerful riffs mixed with Aaron Weiss’ versatile, moving vocals and unparalleled ability to weave words. Prepare yourself for 39 minutes of nonstop chills. If you’re able, please catch the band on their national tour with Foxing for a truly unforgettable experience (with acoridans!).

See below for some more treats released this week.

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Review: Pity Sex / Adventures split

by Andrew Parker

(released 10/07/14 on Run For Cover)

(released 10/07/14 on Run For Cover)

It is hard to think of two bands that complement each other better than Pity Sex and Adventures. With their proclivities toward duets and mixed vocals, and blending their styles from fuzzed-out emo pop to heavier post-hardcore, they create a uniquely enjoyable final product. Each band offers an original song and a cover, serving as a nod to their current sounds and their late eighties inspirations from the alternative and hardcore scenes.

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