Review: Dads – I’ll Be The Tornado


Dads – I’ll Be The Tornado

Released October 14 on 6131 Records (buy here)

It took maybe a little too long to get this review posted, but better late than never or whatever forever. We don’t follow the rules here at Abandon Hip.

I’ll Be The Tornado is the second full-length released from Michigan punk duo Dads (they aren’t actually dads), and it’s a bit of a split from their earlier work. I’m only a recent convert to fatherhood (is that what it’s called when you’re a Dads fan?), but I think this record is a positive move for these guys. I’ve had a tough time listening to anything else but I’ll Be The Tornado since its release. There’s little regard for any genre here, and every track has its own particular vibe. Uncomplicated, heartfelt lyrics and more mature songwriting make this an overall stellar record (continued below).

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Review: Minus the Bear – Lost Loves

Minus The Bear – Lost Loves

Released October 7, 2014 on Dangerbird Records

By now, people know what to expect from Seattle indie rockers Minus the Bear, and it would seem as though they always deliver. The thing is, they always deliver just that: the expected. Lost Loves is a collection of various B-sides and rarities from 2007 (two years after the release of their great Menos el Oso) given a bit of a spit-shine and re-branding. Minus the Bear prove that they’re still one of the most musically and vocally talented acts out there with some killer, classic MTB-sounding tracks full of sophisticated and impeccable musicianship, but lacking any real innovation or divergence from their norm.

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