Breathing Heavy

RVIVR at Township

Guys, pre-order for RVIVR’s new EP Bicker and Breathe via Rumbletowne is now available, and the vinyl is projected to be ready by this December. This is important. I will be impatiently waiting with bated breath for the record’s arrival, heh. The fact that RVIVR has new material is beyond exciting, and from what I’ve heard from their EP so far, their familiar energy, group vocals, and genuine punk awesomeness are indisputable. RVIVR is still going strong.

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So Music, Much Lists, Very Albums, Wow

by Carly Lenz

Making a top ten album list for this year so far was not the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Easier than my grad homework, for sure, but definitely not simple. It was, however, cathartic, in that I got to acknowledge and get stoked about the copious amount of awesome new artists and sounds that has emerged this year, and it definitely calls for some commemoration by a trio of weird, overly existential peeps in their early 20s.
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