Breathing Heavy

RVIVR at Township

Guys, pre-order for RVIVR’s new EP Bicker and Breathe via Rumbletowne is now available, and the vinyl is projected to be ready by this December. This is important. I will be impatiently waiting with bated breath for the record’s arrival, heh. The fact that RVIVR has new material is beyond exciting, and from what I’ve heard from their EP so far, their familiar energy, group vocals, and genuine punk awesomeness are indisputable. RVIVR is still going strong.


If you are not familiar with the Olympia-based four piece punk ensemble, that’s a bummer. But it’s okay, though, because you can always try checking them out! RVIVR is tight, energetic, and a lot of fun to listen to, as well as watch. The four members share amazing musical chemistry and timing, and video clips of their shows convey perpetual smiles and unbelievable integrity. For the vinyl and digital download of Bicker and Breathe on the Rumbletowne website, it’s only $12, hello. They have recently embarked on a European tour, but maybe they will put together a nice American sweep, as well. (Come to the Midwest, guys, please, I’ll be here, in Milwaukee, waiting for ya, just eating and stuff).

Here’s a single from RVIVR’s 2013 flawless album The Beauty Between.


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