New Music Tuesday

No time to chat it up! Let’s go!

First, from a couple weeks ago, you NEED to listen to Drug Church’s new EP Swell. It’s – ahem – swollen with sweet riffs and wallowing in misery. It’s a very well put together record, while the lyrics are of someone not put together whatsoever. “Work-Shy” and “Zero Zero” are two gut-punching favorites.

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Next we have a new single streaming from Makthavenskan called “Witness.” It will be released by Run For Cover on Record Store Day (just one of many planned releases for the label that day)! Look at that sick girl gang cover art. Goals, right?

Finally, jump over to NPR to stream all of Screaming Females’ new Rose Mountain. I feel strongly that this could be, if not their best overall album, then certainly their best-crafted. I think Steve Albini got too deeply involved with the process of Ugly, so while it was excellent overall, it lost me at times with its ambition. Rose Mountain gets stripped down and refocused in a big way.

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